Dentistry treatment

Dental care is an important part of healthcare. As well as looking after the nation’s mouths, the dental team contributes to the wider care of patients.
Haji Sheikh Najeeb ud Din Dental Centre was established in 2017 with the aim to provide a full range of dental services to the community members suffering from complicated dental ailments and are unable to afford quality dental treatment. This dental care department offers treatment for dental fillings, dental scaling, tooth whitening, tooth straightening, gum treatment, dental crown and bridge, root canal treatment, tooth removal, fixation of teeth, dentures (prosthesis), dental implants, fillings and extraction of teeth with free medications to the patients on subsidized rates under the supervision of experienced Dental Surgeon.

Creating Smiles at BSH

Spreading Smile among the Community Members.
According to the research conducted by Dentistry Today, about 95 percent of the people in Pakistan have some kind of untreated dental disease. Most of the people are not even aware of the dental services available in their areas. On the first phase, BSH dentistry department is comprised of 2 latest medical units with the capability of facilitating 50 patients and 15 dental procedures in one day under highly qualified dental surgeon.

Dental Care and Improvements

In recent years, oral health has improved as most of us are taking a good care of teeth. The skills of the dental team, coupled with advances in dentistry, mean that a visit to the dentist is seen as a positive way to support health and well-being. There is still a room of improvement needed to address the serious oral diseases as well as maintaining and improving oral and general health.

Dental Hygiene Can Eliminate Major Disease Entering from Mouth Intake

A bright smile and healthy teeth are the results of good dental care habits. Proper oral care prevents cavities and plaque buildup eliminates bad breath and stops gum disease. Furthermore, maintaining proper dental hygiene can prevent serious medical problems and help you in keeping your teeth healthy for life. Dental care unit at BSH is offering standard medical facilities along fully functional laboratory for basic and clinical translational research.

Bilqees Sarwar Hospital has “Dentistry Department” service with four main functions:

  • Consultant advice and treatment for cases of special difficulty referred to hospitals by general dental and medical practitioners.
  • Dental care, including comprehensive treatment, of long-stay hospital in-patients.
  • Dental care of short-stay patients when this is required for pain relief or other emergency, or as part of, or in support of their general treatment.
  • The treatment of certain out-patients, where there are medical considerations which make it desirable for the treatment to be carried out in a hospital.


Dr. Ammara Basharat


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